Installing and mantaining the latest intruder alarms to NSI Gold for 20 years

Installing trustworthy intruder alarms for domestic and commercial properties

Criminal damage and theft cost home owners and businesses a huge amount of money every year. This is why it's a good idea to install intruder alarms to avoid criminal damage and theft. The intruder alarm systems we install can act as both protection and a deterrent to criminals, and can alert police and employees to emergencies. We have experts who can assess your home or business and provide intruder alarm systems according to your requirements. We can provide you with overt deterrent cameras, covert cameras, remote monitoring and access control. Call us today for a free quote.

We offer:

  • Monitored alarm systems 
  • Networked systems
  • Wireless alarms
We also offer access control, CCTV and fire alarms

Choose intruder alarms of your choice

If you’re looking for perimeter security alarms, contact us today. The perimeter security systems we offer can be applied to areas posing a safety risk to unauthorised people such as prisons, building sites, firing ranges, and other restricted areas. We also offer wireless alarms. Our wireless alarms can be installed much faster than equivalent hard-wired alarms. We provide monitored alarm systems that can provide your property with 24/7 protection. We install user-friendly, simple, affordable and effective hardware and software, so you can be sure that you will get efficient security systems at affordable prices. 

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